Laguna Verde, BoliviaHey there everyone.

I’m currently based in the UK near Leeds but have a bad case of the travel bug! I usually manage to get away somewhere at least a couple of times a year, plus I occasionally travel overseas with my day-job and where practical try to take my camera along too.

Photography isn’t my job (yet) – I’m more of an enthusiastic amateur. I’m not too good a shooting people so tend to focus (apologies for the pun) more on landscapes and architecture. When I’m not travelling and in the UK I try to get out at weekends to shoot some of the great landscapes we have nearby or old ruins and castles that abound in the UK.

I love to travel and I’m often in Chicago, Vancouver and Hong Kong (where I lived for several years) so if you’re based there watch out as I might be in your neighbourhood.

As far as core equipment goes I’m a Canon guy and currently shoot with a 5D Mk III. I don’t necessarily think there’s a big difference between the brands now, but Canon is what I started with and with the lenses I’ve bought it kind of ties you in!

Of course don’t forget to check out my travel photography portfolio site over on